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  • Beetroot-1 small
  • Wheat flour-2 cups
  • Cumin-1/2 tsp
  • Chilli powder-1 tsp
  • Oil-1 tsp
  • Salt to taste
Cuisine: Cooking time: 45 mins Serving: 3 people

final1Beetroots are full of vitamins and minerals and they are packet with antioxidants.So this beetroot roti is a best way to make our kids to eat this healthy veggie.It is a very colourful roti so kids will surely love this .
My son hate this veggie but when i made this roti,he loved it because of the nice color and now it became his favorite one.final2



  • Grate the beetroot very finely
  • In a mixing bowl ,take the wheat flourflour
  • Add the grated beetrootbeet
  • Add cumin seeds,chilli powder ,salt ,oil spices
  • knead them well into a soft dough.Sprinkle water if needed and knead them welldough
  • Rest them for 3o minutes
  • After 30 minutes,roll them in to ballsballs
  • Dust the flour with flour and roll it to rotisdustrotiraw
  • Heat tawa and cook them both sides by drizzling oil/ghee on both sidescook_tawa
  • Delicious Beetroot rotis are ready to have.Serve it with kuruma or raita final_3




  • Adding ghee gives a very good taste to the rotis
  • Instead of grating beetroot ,you can also grind them 




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